Monday, September 3, 2007

Window Talent

As I like fashion and design in general, I always had a secret love for show windows. I think that with a well designed shop window and a good speech, it is possible to influence the persons, so they don’t look like clones, and that, my friends it is something that terrorizes me. I believe that when we are born we bring with us our personality and it seems to me that we are all equals. I realize that for many people, to have a style implicates some expense, but nowadays we are not obliged to spend rivers of money to be well. This put up, I think that a shop window can move mountains, i.e. can open mentalities, end fears and above all, can make new talents appear.
I ´ve done a search in the Internet and discovered a site with some works done Japan. I leave some for you to see. Enjoy!!!

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