Monday, September 3, 2007

Colour Mood Boards for Fall 2007, Winter 2008

Green Tones Mood Board
This year designers opted to show in a wide range of colours. As well as the usual monochrome schemes of black, white and grey the freshest feel to new colour for autumn is green. The most prominent green fashion tones are sea green, jade to citrus, chartreuse and moss. Dusty citrus lime tones are especially popular hues this autumn. Peridot, emerald and jade jewellery or Venetian glass green beads provide the green glow of an accessory that really picks up an outfit.

Coloured bags and matching shoes are the accessory statement this autumn. It is now perfectly acceptable to have matching bag and shoes again.

We always know when a colour will be a big fashion trend when top fashion houses like Dior produce shoes and handbags in the green colours as shown in the first mood board. This workboard also shows texture a winter feature of fashion.

Purple Tones Mood Board
Purple has been key through summer 2007 and now ranges from a wine purple that has a hint of red present to a violet purple that verges with royal blues and French navy. Notice how in this board shiny colours are set against matt textures. Texture is key to autumnal fashion vocabulary.

On the colour page we saw that the key new fashion colours for Autumn Winter 2007/8 are as usual darker tones than the summer palette. Purple is now a key colour in the Fall 2007/8 fashion colour palette.

Golden Terracotta Tones Mood Board
This is how designers have used golden tans and rich terracotta colour for autumn 2007. Leathers and suede take naturally to tan tones. Texture is important with croc effects and slippery satin tops that shimmer and shine. Watch how this fashion trend for tan soon encourages you to purchase orange and rust based clothing.

Silver Greys Colour Mood Board
Silver and greys are also part of the metallic trend. Grey knitwear, silver toned jewellery and diamante fashion jewellery will be in all the high street shops.



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