Friday, April 27, 2007


Sara Rochas and Inês Golçalves are sisters and the designers behind Coq.Luxe, a new Portuguese brand of shoes. Coq.Luxe started as a conversation between the two sisters at the table of a café, from where it jumped to the red carpet, as they say, referring to the Storytailors fashion show in Paris, last January. For this event they created exclusive shoes.
Coq.Luxe was born mainly because, as shoes addicts as they are, they need to find a solution for a very serious problem. Sara and Ines needed to know how they could manage their salary in order to feed the shoe addiction. The solution was…. Working with the items that gave them pleasure. So Coq.Luxe was born.
After getting the attention of a factory in the north of Portugal, Helsar, the first collection came to the world, this Spring. It’s inspired in the Cinema Divas,they all nave the Diva´s names, the Miss-En-Scene collection presents nine high heels platform pair of shoes.
At this time, the next collection is ready to hit the stores, the second of two Portuguese designers that want to make Coq.Luxe a Five Star brand.

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