Sunday, April 29, 2007

Festival of Fashion and Photography

Festival from April 27 to 30. Exhibitions till June 3.
The Festival is where creativity is exhibited. More importantly, however, it is also a unique opportunity for creatives to meet one another. And here in this very special house known as the Villa Noailles, making new friends is particularly delightful.

For the 22nd consecutive year, emerging creatives are brought together with professionals and seasoned actors on the world's fashion and photography scene. Formerly themselves contestants in the Festival, Christian Wijnants, Daniel Stier, Estelle Hanania, Jaap Scheeren as well as Anthony Vaccarello return to Hyères for the second, third or even fourth time. This year, they have all been invited to exhibit the fruit of a past commission, a stylistic study or have simply been given free rein. Our guests have established their quarters throughout the Villa. Each room has retained its original function--at least in name--as if to inscribe the profoundly intimate spirit that permeates this place.

Jaap has chosen the Pink Salon, Anthony is staying in the guest room and Marc has gained access to the private room of Monsieur and Madame. Viviane has established her territory on the squash court, Christian is in the dining room while the other Christian, Lacroix, is making himself comfortable in the pool area. You shall undoubtedly bump into our guests somewhere in the Villa, along the corridors, on the terrace, or in Bless' hammocks...

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