Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Looking forward in fashion is looking back in time.
This is exactly how I feel and what happens in fashion. We are looking for a new balance in a confused world. History is our new toy for inspiration.
This (fashion) world is over flooded with look-alikes, which are earlier on the market than the originals, and which give more and more power to only a few players. It is time for a moment of resignation, a fashion pause instead of real innovation, to go deeper instead of going one step further, to see a more contemplative vision than quick trends, cults and hypes.
The memory fever, the nostalgia trend of today, we have to take it serious. Just like in politics, a neo-conservative wave of ‘good old values, norms, discipline, class and style’ is clearly visible in fashion too. Channel’s motto inspires us now: Style is never out of fashion!
For instance if we think in the trend for this summer, metallic, we’ve seen this before, or the 60th look, or the 80ths look.
Nowadays only a little group of people can be called, stylish people, Kate Moss and Madonna are two, but even Kate as already a pseudo-clone, Sienna Miller. I’ve seen all that before, that attitude that love for vintage.
The real problem is that if things continue like this, I a few yeas we all will look like little soldiers with no personality, no style, just a uniform.
So if style is never out of fashion let us consider that and create our own.

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Anonymous said...

I tottaly agree with you. You are so right.